Life is just too Short

I know it’s cliché and old but it truly is.  I have been thinking about this post since this morning.  There is so much that I want to do with life and I’m not doing it.  I want to stop that starting now.

I haven’t put it out much on social media but with the huge rain storm and flooding this month, we were displaced.  Never in a million years did The Mister think that the lake would overflow so much that water would get in our house.  The first day and a half the water was halfway up our back yard.  I was in a panic and worried and so we decided The Littles and I would go to my parents house in town.  From Thursday until Sunday night The Mister fought the water has hard as he could in an effort to say our house.  But the Lake had other ideas.  Water got in the house and luckily it wasn’t as high as others.

Our neighbors across the channel way still had water up to their waist this weekend.  The crazy thing is we are not in a flood zone.  So sadly we had no flood insurance.  Thank goodness for this being declared a Federal Disaster and FEMA stepping in.  Thanks to them, we will be getting a little assistance in order to put the house back to rights.

It also helped the hubs realize that we need to live closer to town.  He misses it, I miss it.  He’s had so much stress going on that on Sunday night he scared the daylights out of me and had a seizure.  That’s what’s so insane.  It’s never happened before and they are attributing it to stress.  He certainly has had a lot of it.  I can’t say enough about his efforts in trying to save as much as he could.

I am so incredibly proud of him and all that he has done.

But as all of this is going on, I have realized life just needs to be more than what we have been doing.  So going forward, we are going to take that and run.  I will be redoing this blog.  I have plans for it.  I want to start a little side business.  I am going to literally run more.  I am planning to run a half marathon.  It is time to take life by the balls and run.

I hope you will join me on this journey.  Who said life doesn’t start at 40??!!!!!


And this Years Theme

I have been working during the day while Mr. Cheeks is napping on what I want to do about the upcoming year.  In addition to working on me, I have decided to make the main theme about style.  Esp. my own personal style.  I don’t want this to sound horrible but last year, I really never got to enjoy being skinny.

I had just reached my weight loss goal when we found out we were pregnant.  So everything got put on the back burner as far as trying to figure out what my new style would be.

As of about a week after Mr. Cheeks was born, I could fit into my size 12’s again.  Woohoo!  When I went to the Dr. last week I had about 8 lbs left before I was back to my pre-baby weight.  Not bad huh?

I’m still not in all of my size 10’s.  I think I can fit into one pair of my pixie pants that are a 10 and that’s if I suck in my stomach and hold my breath.  But I can’t do that all day long.

After the first of the year, I am going to redo the Couch Potato to 5K plan so that I can get back into running shape and get back to running.

In the meantime, I have realized, I’m totally content to be the size I am.  I want the flab to turn back to muscle.  If I don’t get back into those size 10’s….Well, I’m ok with that.  I just want to start eating better and being healthier.  So here is to getting back in shape and finding my style.

Oh yeah, the list will follow..You know, that list.  the 2016 list

Starting from Where I Am

Good Morning from the middle of my kitchen!

It’s been a long, long time since I’ve been here.  Not my kitchen mind you.  This blog.  During the whole pregnancy it was put on the back burner.  I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do.  But since Mr. Cheeks has made his appearance and we are settling into life with him things are becoming easier.  I’ve had this feeling for the past couple of weeks I wanted to start blogging again but not sure how I wanted to do it.  Well, I saw a quote this morning that really resonated.  It’s the title of today’s blog post.

I am cleaning today, re-evaluating my 101 in 1001 and making my list of intentions for the upcoming year.

The Mister gave me some books that were on my Amazon Wishlist for Christmas and even one that wasn’t.  They were all about Audrey Hepburn.  Marce, I hope you don’t mind.  You have been a great inspiration for me and have given me the idea.

I dug out some great books that I wanted to use to go along with the Audrey books.  Oh!  And we can’t forget!

Julie and Julia.  I love that movie!  But there was something said in the movie also that really resonated.  They were talking about how Julia Child dismissed Julies blog.  Saying she didn’t include how things tasted, what was learned, things like that.  Another quote and idea that resonated.

The Mister even gave me the movie along with the Julia Child books Mastering the Art of French Cooking Vols 1 & 2!!!!!!!

Now, no, I am not going to spend a year like Julie did and try to cook all these fabulous recipes and try to perfect the art of French cooking.  Although, I am gong to try one or two here and there.

You see, the gist of this post is this….

#40 is coming up this year.  In just a couple of short weeks I will be 4-0.  I can’t believe it.  I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited to have a birthday this year.  You see, I’ve decided to start where I am right now and work to becoming a better woman, wife and mother than I am right now.  What that entails I’m not sure yet.  I’m combing through trying to decide what I am going to do.

But I really want to document it here and stick with it.  So please, if you read this I want you to help me hold myself accountable.  Post to the Facebook page if I haven’t blogged in a day or two and remind me I need to.

For now, I am going to fix a bottle, go change Mr. Cheeks and have some quiet time with him as he consumes his bottle.  Then I am going to get back to cleaning and thinking about how I want my intentions for this year to go and what the list is going to look like and what my project is going to be.

Then, we are going to kick it off.  Look out January 1!!!!!


Get Pregnant

Forget all about this blog

Yep the above is me.  I have forgotten just about everything here lately.  Mashed potatoes and peanut butter have been best friends of mine.  Well, not just because I have a picky tummy right now but also because the bottom braces are now on.

And we’re having a boy.  I am tickled.  Flabbergasted, but tickled.  Sorry for the graphics folks but seriously…

My life is now going to be on penis overload.  There is already too much testosterone in that house.  Now there is going to be more?  OI.

And then there is names, bedding, nursery making, baby things to buy, circumcision, diapers (cloth vs. disposable), all to go along with a house in the middle of remodeling, never ending rain, and all the craziness that life in general brings.

Which BTW…When did Louisiana become Seattle???????  OI.  I am a hot mess.  So once again..I ask you hang in there.  I might get this under control in a hot minute.


So I’ve been Thinking

Well, after radio silence for a bit, I am back.  It’s been a crazy couple of weeks since we found out about our Munchkin that is due.  I had some early spotting and it caused some concern and so I’ve been the past week and a half in and out of the Dr. office.

The first visit was scary.  We saw a yolk sac but no munchkin.  This worried the doctor as he said he thought I was miscarrying.  I found my first visit not to be nice as he was very blunt and to the point.  But several blood tests and another ultrasound later, things have changed.

We found out Thursday that my HGC levels were super high and my progesterone was higher than they thought.  All levels indicate that things are progressing nicely.  We had to go back Monday for an ultrasound, more blood work and another appointment.

We saw the little bundle!!!  Yes, in just a few small days the baby had grown to where we could see it and as a special added bonus—-we got to see and hear the heartbeat.  Modern medicine has progressed so much.

Needless to say, all is good now and we are back on schedule.  I go back in another month to see how things are progressing and then in June we should know what we are having.  I’ve been trying to take it all in and enjoy it.

But as usual, this one is not being cooperative in letting everything be smooth sailing.  Morning, afternoon and night sickness has reared it’s ugly head several times and it’s something I just have to deal with.  There is a greater cause here.

Now as far as the been thinking.  I’m trying to figure out what I want to do with this blog.  Now for me we all know this is a constant struggle as I’m always saying that.  But I think now this really warrants a change.  What that is I’m not sure.  Yet something else I have been debating on.

So I guess in the  meantime I will be thinking on it and working on it.  But life remains amazingly good and I’m still here.

So We Are Having A Baby….

There is always something in life that propels us forward.  It pushes us onward and upward to our next adventure.  Mine occurred this past week.  

I knew something was wrong all week.  I wasn’t able to run like I have been.  It was a push.  My appetite was crazy.  I actually was craving pretzels.  Not the hard kind either.  The soft doughy kind with butter and salt.  And it had to be hot.  My boobs were so painful.  You know it’s bad when your sports bra doesn’t help and they hurt when you run.  

My kicker was Thursday night when at 9pm I was so hungry I was shaking and having a hot flash.  Once again, I told The Mister something was wrong.  That night I had a dream I was pregnant.  And when I got out of bed Friday morning I peed on the stick.  I watched it for a few seconds and just went to make coffee.  I thought I would be looking at a “not pregnant” result.  As I walked in to the bathroom and looked at the stick, I was ready to faint.  I called The Mister and he came running.  Poor thing thought there was a spider.  Imagine our surprise when we got a different result…..


 Wow.  I’m still in shock.  More to come as this new chapter progresses.  For now we are just enjoying the moment. 

This Life

I am in awe of things right now.  I had to go back to the DR last week and I am happy to report that there is no tumor on my parathyroid.  My Vitamin D level is extremely low and wonky and throwing off my test results.  So I have to keep taking the Vit D until I finish this round and test again.  Luckily not the whole nuclear test cause that was a pain in my a@@ and made me miss half a day at work.

I am not too thrilled with Mother Nature right now either.  It’s either been snowing, Ice, sleeting or just plain raining for the past 3 weeks.  I am not happy (I’ll say it again).  This has forced me to run inside on a track in a gym that is already 100 degrees.  Imagine this girl running.  And ladies, I sweat.  I may joke that I sweat glitter but the truth is I sweat.  a.lot.  And being inside only makes it worse.

I am whining and complaining because even as I type this, it’s raining outside.  AGAIN.  Which means that I will be forced to run inside.  AGAIN.  OI.  Where are my pretty sunshine days?  Bring them back.  NOW.

Yes it’s a running day.  I completed Couch Potato to 5k last week and ran my first 5k on Saturday.  I ran it.  With a 33:17 finish time.  And now I’m ready to better that.

The Mister bought me a wonderful pair of Nike Air Max’s once he saw how committed I had become to running.  I was told to try the Nike Running App too.  Which I started yesterday.  It comes complete with a coaching program for each of the stages.  I decided to move to intermediate on the 5k because I want to smash my record on my next run.  So over the next 8 weeks, I will be running, cross-training and whatever else it tells me to do.

The feeling of finishing a 5k is amazing.  I still want to run another one, but I want to train up to a 10k and even beat that.  After studying and reading, I have decided to set my sights on 2 half marathons next year.  I want to be able to run the Air Force half Marathon and the Nike Women’s Half Marathon.

Yeah, me…This girl.  Still can’t believe I am saying that but it feels good to say it.  Or type it.  I have even decided with other changes that are happening that I am going to revise the 101 list.  I have a lot of work to do and I guess I need to get cracking on it.  Literally.

So how are you?  What’s going on in your world?